G Fashion - thoughts?

Anyone have any experience or knowledge about this company?

Are you speaking about the company owned by Chinese billionaire Miles Guo?
If yes I interviewed with them for their open Head of USA position back last Feb. I interviewed first with the head hunter and then with the CEO in China Yvette.

@hardtimes2020 Yes, that company. I was reading some stuff online and it seems a bit suspicious…

When I interviewed with them in Feb 21 I was still out of work due to the pandemic and taking meetings with everyone. Additionally, it was a strong salary they were offering.

Depending on your situation I would say this is a “high risk” company. Look at what they did in LA.

So if you are not working you have nothing to lose. If you are working and marginally happy and marginally ok in relation to your current comp, I would walk away.

Let me know if I can be of further help.

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@hardtimes2020 Oh wow…I had no idea. I am on freelance terms right now, so my situation is up in the air. The salary they offered me is almost 90k more than I make now. I have no idea what hours they work though.

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So they are offering you a FT gig or for you to Freelance with them? If you can add them in as an extra revenue stream to whatever you are currently doing then it’s worth a try. If you would be leaving some steady freelance work to join them, then it’s a high-risk move as they could let you go quickly. I don’t think they have much regard for their employees as you can see by the article.

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@hardtimes2020 It will be FT for me.

Again just my opinion: If you are walking away from your current steady income freelancing (something you cannot get back if you were to lose your job at G Fashion) Then it is a big risk.

Best of luck with things.

@hardtimes2020 Thank you.

It is a Ponzi scheme.
Total money laundering.
Awful people stay Away.

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total ponzi scheme. the brand is attached to the owner’s politics so be prepared to be around people like Steve bannon and Jason Miller.


if you are entering the company in design, you will be expected to produce 100 sketches and tech packs each month. you will not be allowed time to gather inspiration, shop the market, put together any sort of trends. Just sit and sketch so I hope you have 100’s of ideas in your head. you might be told they are bringing you in full time but they don’t keep anyone beyond 3-5 months.


Also, the owner is a wanted man in china. if you believe you will ever need to travel to China for business in the future with other companies be very careful. you are at risk of being detained.