Full time work hours

Does everyone work obscene workloads with insanely long hours, nights and weekends now just trying to keep up with work while understaffed? I’m talking pre-Covid too. This feels like it’s been my reality for a solid 5 years and I’m exhausted of the disregard for work-life balance. I’ve had it at big corporate environments as well as tiny boutique brands.


…and no benefits offered, either.

Yes, but its why I try to stay ‘freelance’ when I can because then at least they have to pay for your hours–and sometimes they even pay OT. This industry’s lifestyle has given me (and a lot of other designers I know) lasting permanent health issues. I can say this, Outerwear seems to have better hours than the rest of the categories.


Been doing this for over 20 years and i can count the number of days i leave work before 7pm in 2 hands. What i have learnt is that you have to pace yourself and some days you just have to leave early to keep your own sanity. And dont make it as a habit for them to think you will be there till late all the time. My record hours are from 10am-2am. That burnt me out quick. Never do that.

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