Freelance rates after covid

Hi guys
Does anyone know if the freelance rates have changed after covid? What can I charge with 15 yrs of experience in the industry (design)?
Also, do you guys see a shift toward hiring more freelancers or is it just my wishful thinking?


I have 20+ years experience as a knitwear designer. Precovid, I was getting 55/hr and worked about 32/35 hours per week (fulltime freelance). I recently did another short-term freelance design assignment where I charged 65/hr but it was mostly 20 hours per week. I would say for 15 years, you should be seeking 50-55/hr. I unfortunately do not see a shift towards hiring freelancers, I wish it was so too. Most jobs are looking for designers with only 5 years experince to cut costs.These young designers know their craft, but cannot handle the pressure of our crazy business and don’t last. So employers don’t really get a return of investment, just my observation…