Footwear Technology/3D

Wanted to see if there are any like-minded footwear designers out there who have experience in 3D designing or in the process of learning. Are your companies building into it or is it just yourself seeing the changing times? What programs have you used and liked/disliked? What companies are already investing into 3D as well?

I’m currently learning Rhino and Blender, and want to learn Romans CAD, but it seems too expensive for just an individual to have outside of a company.


I’m a freelance footwear designer, and I’m trying to self-teach myself 3D footwear design. I purchased Modo and Rhino software and dabbled in both. I took a Rhino class in NYC, but it focused only on jewelry design. I also would be interested in a specific 3D footwear design class using Rhino or Modo - zoom/virtual or in-person. I’m open to suggestion that won’t break the bank.

I’m taking classes with They are pre-recorded lessons, but you have access to email the teachers with any questions. So far it’s pretty good, especially because it’s footwear focused. I highly suggest checking it out.

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Hi. So weird… I literally was just checking a few weeks ago. They had a summer special which is now over. Good to know that you like the course. Curious, are you taking the 400 Euro: 3D Footwear Design in Rhino Course taught by Lorenzo - or - the 1,000 Euro: Professional Sole Design Course taught by Defne? I like how they offer the “Low Cash Flow” option for payment as this is definitely me right now (lol)…

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I’m just doing the Footwear Design in Rhino w/ Lorenzo as well as the Blender course. I felt like the Sole Design Course with Defne looks like fun, but stuff I’ve already done in my career and also low on cash myself.

I also use footwearology. They are good. It seems most of the large athletic footwear companies use these type of software design programs but not the volume branded companies. Those type are less likely to want to invest in those programs especially when designing less intricate patterns and trying to keep their costs down. So if you’re looking at Nike, Adidas, On shoes, All Birds, Lululemon those seem to be the ones that I’ve noticed that use these programs.

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