Do we want to keep this going?

Yes please! Information is shared here that can’t be found anywhere else.


i think this is an excellent resource for those in our industry for better transparency & understanding.


Yes! New here, but finding useful! Thank you!

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Invited ppl. What is your user # goal? Would be fun to have a tally for users so we can hit it with you. Lol.


There are about 2400 registered profiles on The Schmatte. I’d like to see 5000 or more.

For us, the big deal is getting fashion industry professionals on The Schmatte would aren’t currently using; either because they’ve never heard of our job board OR because they aren’t in the market for a job right now.

We’ll take any help we can get!


Yes! I find this very useful. It seems that this site is the only place we can openly share about salary and which good or bad company experiences we have. This is so important so that we can be more prepared and be successful in this ever changing and difficult field. I feel like maybe not enough people know about this.
Thank you for all you do to keep this site available!


Would moving to a platform like Discord be more economical?

i agree…there’s a treasury of knowledge on here, i bet. we can do more than just kvetch!

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i wish we had a slack channel like other fashion networking companies, a Schammate/stylecareers slack channel to review and network, create a positive force since a lot of us are disillusioned by the industry.