DL 1961, J Brand, Jordache

Any experience working for the above denim companies?

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Jordache worked there for 4 months years ago, the head of planning was an emotionally unstable tyrant!!

I lent Jeff Rudes 10,000 to make the first J BRAND samples in 2006. I worked with him for about a year building his company. He truly had the vision and the organizational skills to change the world.

It’s a pity Jeff has no empathy for others and is led by his ego. He’s got all the money anybody could ever dream of, he is alone, and people mock him behind his back.

It really was incredible to watch him though. I learned a lot.

You lent him $10k and you are watching his success and you are the schmatte airing grievance??? Ok!

How is management there ? Potentially looking at a position and would love an honest review.