Chicos - worth relocating for?

Has anyone worked for Chico’s FAS? Looking to have a change of life, and Florida sounds pretty sweet. Anyone worked there before in the design department that can give the inside scoop?

I’ve worked there before! I did a year’s contract assignment in their Recruiting department and lived on a small lake in one of the local gold courses. I liked the change of pace- who knew that I would be so good at beach volleyball! What I appreciated most was that during the day- it was still a fast paced day job filled with like minded people but then when the work day ended it was completely different once you drove off the Chico’s campus. It was all slow pace and southern nice. My weekends were filled with weekend trips to other FL cities or beach volleyball and sun tanning or lounging by the pool in my apt complex. Housing is super affordable. It felt a little like semi-permanent vacation. I didn’t want to stay long-term since my nephew is in Brooklyn but it was truly lovely. It was almost 10 years ago and I am still friends with the people I met while down there- I found that almost everyone working there was pretty nice. Let me know if you have more specific questions!


I was hired there about 11 years ago with a relocation contract. I flew there for interviews and accepted a job. There was a six week timeframe from the time I resigned my old position and my start date. I was actually driving to Florida when I received a phone call telling me the reporting structure would be different than what I signed on for; so, I worked a little over a year and moved on to a new position. I did meet some very nice people there and it is a nice warm place to live close to the Gulf.

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Hello, I can tell you from experience, I’ve worked for Chico’s for a long time, that it depends on the department you are in. If you work in the design team for Chico’s, it’s very robot like. You will not have much creativity and taste change constantly. If you are patience and things doesn’t effect you much, this could help you mentally. I can’t recommend it but I can’t say that it’s terrible like some other stories/companies that I’ve heard. Just know that Chico’s is the only fashion company around here and if you are looking to leave, it takes time to find something else. Fort Myers is a small town feel and it’s hot. You will be moving to a tropical climate, most people don’t realize that. Hope this helps. Message me if you have other questions. Good Luck

Chico’s is toxic. I have been here since 2010. So much change in management. So many rounds of layoffs. A few years ago, Directors were all demoted to Managers with a pay cut and this year about 300 employees of 1500 were let go. This is the only game in town and I plan to retire here so I have no choice.

My sister interviewed for a role in design and realized quite quickly that it would not be a good fit for her. I don’t remember any of the details now but there were so many red flags.