Changing career with licensing background

What are other fields can a person switch to after having 5-7 years in the licensing world? Any suggestions?


Perhaps you could remain in fashion by doing a lateral move…or transition into non-fashion consumer products…they still have departments I have mentioned below.

It depends upon where your focus was while handling licensing. For example, I’ve known people who were licensing coordinators or licensing managers whose focus was on receiving the renderings from their internal design team on a regular basis. They would then forward and explain the concepts to the licensor all the way up to submitting final production samples to them…all while being the “middle person” in terms of communication between the fashion company’s creative team and the licensor…very deadline driven and strong communication skills are a must! If that was your focus, I would try product development jobs, which is basically being a project manager of the development process…making sure tasks are completed on time and with accuracy…or even product operations.

If your focus was analyzing the sales for royalty purposes, them chances are you are great with #s. Why not try jobs related to sales exec/account manager, business development, or planner/sales analyst?

And if you were lucky to have a licensing job where you were exposed to both angles of what I just explained…perhaps merchandising would be your thing, as you need to like the creative project management aspect and #s.

Revamp your resume to highlight your transferable skills. Look up these types of job descriptions for major companies for reference (even major companies that aren’t located in your region), and re-word the tasks applicable to your experience. Be sure to highlight the key skills that are often required for these types of jobs if you honestly posses them in your qualifications summary.

Yes you can work for the licensor. They need people who have realistic experience from the “other side”. It’s worked out well for designer friends and myself.

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