Bonbobos and Walmart

Bonobos violates most if not all NYC retail labor laws in their retail locations, such as; releasing schedules 2 weeks in advance, not changing schedules within 36 hours, allowing mandatory meal and rest breaks, forcing employees to work off the clock, allowing employees 1 day of rest in 7 days, among others. Employees are also required to use personal mobile devices for work related tasks and not reimbursed. During the entirety of my employment, retail employees did not have a reliable system to clock in and out so work hours for ALL hourly employees were not recorded. This resulted in delayed pay and missed pay and employees inability to sign up for health insurance as this was done using the same system. This was never rectified. Several employees discovered at the end of a tax season that no taxes were being taken out of their paychecks and were then forced to pay thousands of dollars to the government, as the HR team did not have retail employees fill out form i9 or form W4. When I discovered this and reported that no i9s were filled out (this verifies your ability to work in the US with the federal government) to Bonobos parent company, Walmart, it was discovered that almost no retail employees, even those who were employed for years, had ever filled out this paperwork. Many now owe thousands in back taxes because of this and face the $500 fee for not being insured when filing. There are no designated HR reps for retail teams so when HR was contacted, they often replied “this isn’t my job, I’m not trained to do this” and truthfully so they were not aware of labor laws or any common retail HR policies and procedures. Nor did they, or anyone in the organization, feel responsible for being aware of or following state or federal labor law or taking care of employee matters. During my employment a coworker was assaulted in our store by a customer and no support whatsoever was provided to the employee or store leadership. We were left to our own devices to file a police report and find ways to make ourselves feel safe. The customer returned at a later date and verbally assaulted all staff members with racial and homophobic slurs and threats. A security guard was eventually hired when these incidents were reported to Bonobos parent company, Walmart.