Being furloughed and forced to work?

I’ve heard of friends that are on furlough, told to get unemployment, but have to work anyway. isn’t this illegal and immoral? They have nobody to complain to and can’t say a word. Only their insurance is being paid. Now without the extra $600 from unemployment, they are really making nothing. The company is doing business and selling to major stores that never had to close. I hate how this industry takes advantage of every situation to screw their loyal employees every chance they get.

My company tried to have us come into the office location to do work we are unable to do from home during the phase one city/ state wide mandatory shut-down. The work we were doing wasn’t even considered essential but the CEO stretched it and told the lower level employees we were an essential business and they had to come in but the ppl of higher pay grade could stay at home. HR was scaring and manipulating people to come in to work or they would lose their jobs etc. etc. - It was so fucked up. Corporate Fashion America is under a lot of pressure right now to keep of with demands of consumerism and their client’s demands. You would not believe some of the stories I’ve heard about major fashion brands in-house are forcing or pressuring their employees to work while risking their health or come in to the office secretly.

Oh, I totally believe it! There is no limit to what they do. It’s the same for my friend and they aren’t even paying her.

Yes, that is VERY illegal and your friends could lose unemployment benefits or have to pay back what they were paid if the unemployment office ever found out.

The first thing I did when I was furloughed was text all my coworkers not to contact me about work.

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I know, but if the workers ever had to pay the unemployment back, the company would have to pay them! They aren’t getting paid. My company told us we were being furloughed retroactively after a pay period ended and my boss was furious when I said I should have been told I wasn’t getting paid before I worked. For that and other nonsense, I was fired after being dedicated to the company for over 10 years!

what company is it? so we can avoid these bad “take advantages of its employees” companies in the future… :face_with_monocle:

We were furloughed (before being completely let go) and they said absolutely no contact with the company regarding work. No one could contact us about anything work related while furloughed. It is very illegal. I’m sad to see what’s happening with our industry

thats so illegal…

Yes but there’s no way to stop it without getting fired.

But if they did fire you that’s a sure case.

Yes, but it takes months or years for a law suit and is it worth it? Also if your name becomes mud in the community it will be even harder to get a job. Catch 22. Expose the injustice and see where it gets you or deal with it. No good answers.