Bad Store Manager

I have a store manager who is either 1-3 hours late for their shift everyday or doesn’t show up and makes up an excuse of why they can’t come in. This happens every week at least 3-4 times. I feel they don’t respect my time or my piers time. I always have to change my personal time as well and can’t plan anything. I don’t feel like I have a work life balance anymore cause I’m always covering. What would you guys do?

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How big is the company you work for? Can you speak to HR in an anonymous way? Do they have a complaint hotline?

Is the store manager and his or her direct supervisor very close that this supervisor would cover for him or her?

It’s a pretty big company and the DM and SM are close. We do have a hot line. But just afraid they will fined out it was me.

Hi @rtqueen1090 I saw this and the first thing that came to my mind was one) Your manager could just be doing all of her early morning calls with corporate in the morning. Two) what is your job title and why are you so concern about what time the manager comes in? I haven’t worked retail in like 8 years but I know on the corporate level i’ve had bosses come in after me because they would work from home in the morning to care for theirs kids. If I was you I would just be open about my issues with your manager directly and ask/suggest a raise in title and pay.

Since you are scared to call the hotline and your DM and SM are close, I think the best thing to do is to look to exit this brand. Luckily retail at store level is still hiring and I see plenty of opportunities out there. This is the time to look and exit before we hit Jan and things become slow again.

Best of luck with things.

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Sounds like you should quit and get another job. You might be in a situation where you do need to work in order to pay bills and can’t afford to quit, so you might as well put up with it and do your work until you have a clearer decision of where you’re going next. In some jobs you might be able to just pull your manager aside and speak to them and explain how you feel, and ask for their advice. Don’t make them feel like they’re being attacked, but just open up a conversation to see your options.

Yeah, this definitely requires a conversation. Just talk to them and have a breakthrough in mutual understanding.
Is this really workable for you?