Any recommendations for grading & tech design books?

I am wanting to purchase some books to use as reference, on the subject of grading and technical design (specifically on “specing” garments). I have the following books in mind, and am curious if anyone would recommend these books or if they would recommend other books?

These are the books I am thinking about buying:

-Grading for the Fashion Industry by Patrick J Taylor
-The spec manual by Michele Wesen Bryant & Diane Demers
-Complete guide to size specification technical design - by Paula J. Myers-McDevitt


These are all good resources, I’d also add Technical Sourcebook for Designers By Jaelil Lee & Camille Steen, and for grading, I’d also add Professional Pattern Grading by Jack Handford, and if you ever intend to do plus grading, find Master Patterns and Grading for Women’s Outsizes by Gerry Cooklin