Who has interviewed at Tapestry?

I’m interviewing at Tapestry for a production position. Anyone know what to expect?

You will be interviewed by a Human Resources person. Be ready to show your ability to do the job and hopefully you have directly related experience in order to get to the next step. You may want to check out free seminars by thejobwhisperer.com to help you ace the interview. The next one is next Tuesday morning.

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I had a phone interview that went really well. So well that they set me up on an in person interview a few days later. I wasn’t on the list in the holding to go upstairs, resulting in me being late. Thankfully, I arrived 15 min early or I would have been even later. I interviewed with a woman who was cold and wore the craziest outfit. It was definitely not someone I wanted to work for.

I would definitely give them a chance. Seems like a cool company. Since covid, you probably do my need to worry about not being let into the building. I am sure it will be virtual. Good luck!

Tapestry has started a downsize re-org about a week or so back. I know 2 people internally. So any open role at this point must be considered a critical hire. Good luck with things