What to charge per Flat Sketch?

Does anyone charge their clients per flat sketch? I’m specifically hoping to hear some prices for: (adobe illustrator files, basic body, women’s apparel, solid color fill, no stitching). I got asked to do some very basic sketch work from home/freelance and I want to charge around $40 per sketch. Does that sound average?

I have been working in the industry quite a while and $40 for a single flat sketch is way over anything I have personally seen. Maybe $35-$40 an hour for CADS. Or maybe $40 a CAD page with several completed sketches on it (meaning the clothing is fully merchandised).

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$40 for a flat sketch is very high. For that, I would expect a more complicated garment (say, a blazer or denim jean) with multiple views (front, back, sides, possible pocket detail).

I agree with Lamont (above)- about $35-40 hour for CAD work… and so depending on the style, you can probably do a few sketches in that time.

Sometimes I have charged per sketch, and rated them in levels of complexity (simple/basic vs. complex) and charged different rates accordingly. So you are getting compensated fairly, but also so you’re not charging the same rate for a t shirt as you would a blazer.

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I have heard that people charge between $35/50 per hour. I would stay on the low range for simple easy sketches and around $40/50 for more difficult sketches with stitches/ details and filled in with patterns. You basically want to be fair to your client and find an average price that makes it affordable for him/ her and yourself.

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I personally charge $15 per sketch. (front/back, black and white. More if I add colors/knit textures, more views, or any layout design or line sheet) I am pretty fast and would rather have a slightly lower price and get more volume of work. And I personally really enjoy making flat sketches.

For example, I just had a client who needed 10 sketches. A couple of the sketches were SUPER basic and really only took me 15 minutes. A couple were more complex with ruching and gathers, so took a bit longer. I also have a library of sketches at this point, so doing a T-Shirt dress I can just grab my own T-Shirt block and make it longer for a quick turnaround. But it total it took me about 3 hours including revisions, for $150. So I am making my ideal $50/hr rate.


It’s more of a project on the estimators hour depending on how detailed and how difficult the garment flats are