Sock Tech Design Questions

Hi! My company does a few sock styles and I’ve never worked on socks/hosiery before… Does anyone have experience in this category and can answer a few questions?
How many POM does a sock spec usually have? From our factories and a few colleagues, it seems to be just a few: Foot Length, Leg length (like crew sock), foot width, calf width and sock opening width. And then extended msmts (stretched) for the widths. This seems about right to me- is this industry standard?
What about using a form, like NAHM boards? Would this be a good way to standardize fit? I’ve heard big companies like WalMart, Target use these.
Thanks so much in advance!! :slight_smile:

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Yes! I worked for Mountain High Hosiery in San Diego; they were bought by a private equity group.

Most of your measurements seem right. I will dig out an old Victoria’s Secret tech pack and get back to you.


Thanks so much!
When measuring foot length, do you measure to from toe to heel gore? (my vendor does this). It seems to make more sense than trying to measure from toe to the edge of the heel, which can get distorted, especially on styles that have a slight curve to them, like a no show sock.

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