Shein X Program

We’re hearing really bad things about the Shein X Program. Anyone have experience with this company? Care to share your experiences? Good, bad or otherwise?

I have worked with them for 2 collections. I haven’t had a bad experience. There’s just limitations on what they can do & execute. Each time they use another round of designers they put more guidelines in place. Which makes sense since they are learning & evolving.

You get the royalties every month and of course you don’t get as much as shein makes, for example they made $10k worth of profit off my collection last month & I made around $900. But I knew the royalties weren’t going to be 50% of profits or anything. Plus it depends on the price they sale your clothes at, so if they are having a sale then you get less royalties.

You can make your own prints & tell them the pantones you want. I would say the downside is that you don’t get strike-offs or lab dips to pick from. They do that for you. You have to send them your prints to scale as they won’t adjust anything.

You don’t get samples to see in person, you have to make corrections only with seeing photos in your account.

I wish other companies would work with indie designers instead of a designer with 10k+ followers because people like me don’t have a huge online presence but create designs that sell out to the point they re-order their units. So it’s nice they give indie designers a platform.

Shein is still fast fashion so it’s not the most ethical company out there. And they have gotten bad press. So it’s really up to the individual to decide if they want to do with the exposure.


I did this season Winter 22’ collection with SHEIN. According to one of the speakers on BoF (Business of Fashion) end of the year Voice conference , SHEIN produces the most waste. Also it’s well known they don’t pay well their workers. I experiencing this on first hand. 10% of their super cheap clothes items is not sustainable for a designer. Their contact is not designed for for the designers but only to protect them. I was trying to see if I can end the relationship with them. I sold 147 items and getting paid $186 as a “designer”.

I was too naive and quick to make the decision to work with them. I regret it and not recommend to anyone.

They also known for copying other designers’s designs. You can YouTube them and find out more about them.

I was initially contacted on It’s a shame.

They know how to take advantages ….

I am in the process of hiring a lawyer to re read the contract. …

Lastly the person I worked with one person now resigned from SHEIN. A coordinator for the SHEIN X. Wonder why


We as human beings need nature at it’s full eco system. Cheap labors and throwing away fashion will not last. The earth is suffering.


As fashion professionals, we should not be working with companies such as SHEIN. The waste and destruction they continue to create is an embarassment to our industry and we have no one to blame but ourselves if we contnue to work with these types of fast fashion companies.

If you are looking for a job or some sort of opportunity in the fashion industry, they are out there. Just do the work and search. Reach out to ETHICAL companies. Just don’t sell your soul to work with such unethical companies like SHEIN.


Can you elaborate what “bad things you’ve heard”


I get paid $1 every time my design is sold. They never paid me for my designing. It was a free labor.

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I worked for them 6month got paid about $800. No one can live off that.

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