PVH Staff Cuts - Down to 20 People?

I’ve been told that PVH cut all but 20 of their home office stat. That seems unbelievable. Can anyone confirm?

Here’s what I saw:

450 US Jobs, 12% of the corporate office across CK and Tommy Hilfiger

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PVH is a publicly traded, multi billion dollar, global company overseeing several brands. It was most certainly not reduced to 20 people at corporate office level.

It is entirely possible that a small brand, or the NY office of a global division could’ve been reduced to the 20 people @grandpoobah mentioned, but highly improbable that the entire corporate headquarters was reduced to that. See the link I posted above for the figures that were released.


Hi; they eliminated their Visual Merchandising team; Brand Supervisors who overlooked their brands within department stores.

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From a friend there: 450 laid off, but definitely significantly more than 20 remain at CK alone.
I know the remainder of the Calvin Klein Atelier , pattern makers etc were let go, but some design staff remains in various divisions at Calvin, albeit working remotely and w a salary reduction.