Number of Comments Per Day?

Hello! I normally do patternmaking or combo patternmaker - tech design jobs. I recently got contacted for a job, the recruiter specified this was a nice place with good work-life balance. then I found out they expect this role to write 10-12 comments per day. I feel like I’m used to something more like 3-6 comments per day, 10-12 feels absurd and almost pointless. Maybe I’m used to more detailed work… what are all your thoughts on this? I’m just shocked and sort of frustrated with the industry. I didn’t respond to the recruiter yet but I wanted to say that’s insane!

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It does sound like a high expectation- what kind of product are you reviewing? I understand your frustration, But recruiters rarely know the true expectations of a technical role- I have declined a position too because I knew what that the expectation was unrealistic (high quota) and the compensation was low. But this is one of the reasons that there is less-than-great product in the market now: If tech designers are only allowed enough time to comment on a few major issues, a lot of things slip by. Some companies care about making their product better- and some may say “Don’t spend a lot of time trying to make it perfect, it will fit somebody”.


10 comments+ per day sounds do-able because maybe the company have a Pattern Block they have already and keep referring to it. It may also depends which company you work with and the fit stage.

A mid-tier brand I worked with was about 1-2 DEV techpacks per day, that’s including detailed workmanship/construction analysis and pattern corrections. And sometimes checking grading before PP stage so we won’t run into problems later in the production when it comes to cuttable width for the bigger sizes (such as big handkerchief skirts) With TOP comments, with measuring & examining the garment before the fitting, I can do 10 TOP comments.

Another company I worked with don’t bother dealing with detailed photo corrections. We do about 6-7 techpacks and mainly do word comments. Also, there’s no pattern corrections unless the the balance really bad.

It all depends what kind type workload you want to deal with. I’m used to more detail examination/checking and I get easily attach to the styles I work with, so working on 2-3 TP per day seems to more up my alley.


It sounds like a set up for failure to me.


It depends heavily on the scope of the role and the type of product. If you are solely focused on those comments and its not complex product, 10-12 could be achievable. However, if your responsibilities also include answering emails from the vendors, processing fit model invoices, fittings, and attending general corporate meetings, its not achievable unless you are working 12+ hours everyday. Which is the expectation at some companies {thumbs down to that}. I think @Patterntech has an excellent point, recruiters rarely understand the roles they are trying to fill. If you have the time/energy it may be worth pursuing just to learn more about the role and make a more informed decision. Worst case scenario, you don’t take the role.


All great points! I appreciate everyone’s feedback (and hoping for more!).

Honestly, I think now that I’m in the freelance lane I’m not very excited to get out of it. Even pre-Covid my plan was to transition towards a freelance life so I could have more control over my learning and growth opportunities.

But, you never know, maybe a great opportunity will knock, so if someone reaches out to me about a job I usually am okay with chatting to find out more. Everyone had great points- I am used to environments where I’m doing a lot of detailed work, but slowly, so I didn’t know if this was an absurd request or pretty normal.

Thanks everyone!


I am a tech designer for full fashioned knits and those are very detailed. Anytime someone asks how many I do in a day, it is a red flag. It depends on the style. Some are quick and others take a long time with revised layouts and detail images.


I also work in sweaters, and 12 a day is not reasonable. Sounds like garbage in, garbage out. That said I rarely have a full day devoted to comments. Morning is spent answering emails, prepping for fittings. Other days I don’t fit until the afternoon, so usually nothing goes ou the.
Output really does depend on the product and the quality of the product. I have worked at Ralph Lauren and mens comments are easier and quicker than designer level womens product. Other mid level large retailers are very block driven and I could probably write 10-11 comments for mens knit polos- measurements nearly always go back to spec


Agree w all comments. 10-12 is totally unrealistic, especially given all of the other issues that a tech designer must satisfy, unless the product is really simple cut and sew knit tops from a block, like polos as OrangeDolphin points out. and that is not every day: a tech designer must be in fittings, measure garments etc. That said, I would investigate further. The recruiter may not know anything.