Komar brands as a workplace

Trying to determine if this offer is worth it.

in the final rounds for an interview at Komar. how is it as a place to work? is there a work life balance? i was told employees are working a hybrid schedule- is that the case?

It depends what department. I worked in technical design. I was not a big fan of the micro management, which tends to happen with these larger companies. The perks were,I would get free breakfast everyday though and the benefits are decent.
I prefer smaller companies, but if you don’t mind a larger company, then it is ok.

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I freelanced there in Design and had got someone a full-time job there because I thought it was a great place to work. They are working on a hybrid schedule and I’ve heard there is room to negotiate your time in and out of the office (WFH situation). The office is physically I very nice place to work, very spread out, and a state-of-the-art office with nice views of downtown Manhattan. The employees there are very nice as well. Work-life balance all depends on the department you work in. I’ve seen good work-life balance within some of the Design departments though.


I work with them indirectly and their employees seem happy and the offices are beautiful. People there are professional . Good luck


Appreciate your feedback!

I don’t work for Komar but I do work with Komar. From a vendor standpoint, they are great!