Knitwear Designer


Wondering the salary for knitwear designer (not sr designer)

Looking at salaries in NY vs Philadelphia.

Anyone have any info?


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Women’s? Men’s? Children’s? Cut and sew or full-fashioned? What level? Entry? Associate? Senior? Mgmt?

Womens fully fashioned sweaters.
Designer level.

Sorry, should add years.
6/7 yrs experience.

It depends on the size of the company but this is probably around $70k on the low end to about $90k at the top. Hopefully, we can get confirmation (one way or another) from the group.

This sounds about right.

Sadly, that is about the same as 10 years ago.


55-65 for associate, 65-75 for designer level in LA

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Yes sadly salaries have stayed the same or even shrunk. It stinks

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From my experience as a fellow knitwear designer in NY the 70k-90k range is right on par with positions I’ve held or interviewed for. Some larger companies might go up to 80K-100K but that would be on the higher end in terms of experience. I would assume maybe slightly lower in Philly or other cities outside of NY, and I’m pretty sure NY has the highest rates just due to cost of living, aside from maybe SF.

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