Interviewing During Covid

Has anyone interviewed during the pandemic? I am curious to hear if you have had an in person interview OR strictly over zoom?


Hi! I have interviewed twice and all the interview stages were conducted either over zoom or google hang- one of them included two interviewers. No in-person interview.


I have had zoom and over the phone interviews.


Only zoom & phone interviews.


Just a zoom interview.

I’ve had a few zoom /phone interviews, and last week my 1st in-person interview, which I thought was strange. Masks were required.

Turns out, the whole company is back at work in the office, wearing masks… and all breathing the same recirculated air. I turned the job down.


I’ve had a bunch of interviews over the phone and on Zoom, so far. It looks like a few companies are ready to hire people virtually. Only 1 company wanted to see me in person, and it made me feel very uncomfortable. This ask alone made me reconsider the whole opportunity, along with the fact that most employees were back working full time at the office, while everyone else in the industry is still working remotely…

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Zoom and phone only, no in person interviews.

i just had a request for an in person interview and i was advised that this job is back in office, but the HR was working from home, and then the in person interview was rescheduled 90min before it was to happen, to be the next day, via zoom.

Being a designer and interviewing via zoom has become a struggle like no other.