This is the worst experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve worked at a couple really awful places in the past. This company is having people work in person at an office- I was led to believe that they were going to be following CDC guidelines, doing regular disinfecting, and social distancing.

Covid is running rampant in the office while they are ACTIVELY hiring new people. Employees who raise concerns are being ignored by HR and not given updates on new covid cases.
People who live with high risk family members are shamed for wanting to quarantine after having direct exposure to other employees who tested positive for covid.

Nobody is being informed if they worked closely with a person who tested positive.
They are using patient confidentiality as an excuse to not make employees aware that they were in direct contact with covid positive employees and should quarantine. They don’t have to release names to tell others at risk from direct exposure they should quarantine.

They are greedy and want people to continue working like animals in unsafe conditions regardless of health risk to themselves and their families.
The president of the company (WHILE HE WAS ON VACATION) vocally expressed that people were overreacting for wanting to work from home until they receive a negative covid test after direct exposure to multiple colleagues they interacted with for 9-12 hours the day they received a positive test AT WORK.
DO NOT WORK HERE- they have no respect for other people and have no concerns about your health, safety and the safety of others.



Not sure if this would help but you can file a complaint with the state.


Yes, the company has been reported! Thank you for the resources! I hope something is done.
I worry about everyone there with high risk family members- or new people coming in and unaware of the situation.
The issue is that they wait until it’s too late- HR doesn’t tell people when they’ve had direct contact with others who tested positive so they can quarantine or get tested as a precautionary plan. They just sent out a very vague email four days after the fact when it’s already too late. Now multiple people a day are testing positive. If there was transparency this could have been prevented. We can only protect ourselves through word of mouth or to just stay home and risk getting fired.
This company is not worth risking your health and the health of others for.

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My company is acting exactly the same. I likely don’t even know the extent of how bad it really is. Unfortunately, I’ve raised my concerns to management/HR and get brushed off, and repeated reports to the health department haven’t done anything. It’s a mess.

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Make sure to also file a complaint with 311. It’ll make its way to the Department of consumer and worker protection.

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Yes, for sure! I did call 311, and was eventually able to make a report after calling 212-436-0381.
I was told there would be an investigation but I’m not sure how thorough it will be and what will be done afterward. Hoping they can get it sorted before more people get sick.

It’s so infuriating. I was hoping this last year would force the industry into having to restructure in a more positive way and respond to their employees most basic needs but I was obviously a bit overly-ambitious with that thinking lol I think a lot of company owners know that many people don’t feel they have a choice between their health/safety and work.

I’m not sure if you tried this number yet- but I was able to file a report by calling 212-436-0381.
I do also think, unfortunately, that maybe the only way to force change is for a substantial group of employees to rally together and demand that change whether it’s through a strike or some other action as a group.
I hope things improve at your job! Nobody should have to worry about their job compromising their health.

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Have you thought about calling into something like “Ask the Mayor” on WNYC on Fridays mid-morning? I know it’s risky (basically it’s career suicide, I realize) , but, it gives you a direct line if you can get through and a lot of the time, people who get through get their situation remedied… Again, I know it’s risky and extreme, but it’s an idea.

Outside of Covid situation, what was your experience with the company? Insurance, benefits, overall atmosphere, raises, reviews?

I used to work for that company. Designer get treated so much better than the tech designers. There were enough designers, to make sure they always left on time everyday. While tech designers, only had a small amount of people and way more work, leaving tech designers working until late and even on Sundays sometimes.

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