Buyer Salary Ranges

What is everyone making/their companies paying at the Assistant/Associate/Buyer level?

When I was an assistant I was making $40k. I’m currently making $80k as an associate buyer. I have friends making $100-$130k as a buyer.


How many years have you been a buyer?

6 years, not consecutively. I originally left my first buying job because a vendor offered me an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Then I went into sales for a bit and four years ago I went back into buying.

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$71k as an Associate Buyer, $85k as a Buyer

This information is consistent with what I’ve hired each of those roles at.

$60-$75k associate buyer Cleveland
$100-$120k buyer Cleveland

I currently make $102k 10 years post college 5 years in corporate buying, still feel underpaid to my male colleagues

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I’m currently at $120 as a buyer in an e-commerce company. My first buyer role at a different company (Omni channel) was at around $85k but most buyers there seemed to be in the $95k-$120k range

I am aware of higher salaries than these in luxury (Buyer or Sr Buyer) depending on the store count and overall volume of the business.

I’ve seen the below figures over the past 5 years:

Assistant Buyer: 45 - 50K
Senior Assistant: 55K
Associate Buyer/Junior Buyer: 65K - 80K
Buyer: 85K- 100K for lower volume companies and 90K- 130K for higher volume companies
Senior Buyer: 115K - 150K

I am also seeing the Senior Buyer title being used less and less these days so the career succession in buying is currently in a refresh.

Lastly, I’ve also seen some luxury companies use the title Assistant Merchandising Manager and Merchandising Manager instead of Assistant Buyer and Buyer.