Brooks Brother Reviews?

Does anyone have any experience working with Brooks Brothers, particularly in tech design?

Are you asking about Sparc Group? Not sure about tech in BB but overall great company and good benefits and hours. Work/life balance is important to management.

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Yes I would recommend that you ask more specifically about working for Brooks Brothers now under SPARC. I believe things have changed significantly under the new ownership (sale completed in October 2020).

I have heard from one Tech Designer still there post the ownership change that it’s not been great but I don’t have specifics.

Very different management since owned by ABG: Design team was cut down to half the size after new ownership in 2019. From what I have heard the designers work much more since understaffed. It is still a large corporate so I am sure with some decent job opportunities. ABG owns many brands so it is probably a good place to work for with options to work for the different brands in the future once an employee.

I worked for Sparc for a short time. They look great on paper with many perks. The hours we’re never-ending.

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I spent some time working with the design teams under sparc and I have to say they were all incredibly lovely to work with.

Like alot of companies it depends on the team you’re on - sales, design, production, etc.