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Do Not apply to Colordrift. A Home product company in Brooklyn.I’ve never work in such a horrible place.The owner literally stands behind you commenting on your performance .The more she commented the more nervous I got .I’ve been in the industry for many years and have never experienced that kind of abuse.Thank god It didn’t last long.My stomach would turn every morning before going into work.No wonder they have a huge turn over.They only hire recent graduates because they don’t know any better.Be warned don’t waste your time.

I was employed for 5 weeks in a remote position with an established Company , which made me very excited and hopeful. However it unfortunately didn’t work out well, I was left totally in the dark , without any supervision nor insight into the working of the Company ,or the exact workings of my position. I have been successfully working for many years and was always considered an excellent employee, until this Company ended my employment, telling me that they were disappointed , I had been going along with the assumption that since my position was remote, they were having problems handling it ans since I am a professional, I did my best to ask questions,reach out trying to get some clarification. What should have been a long time employment ended after only 5 weeks time.