Sustainable Local Sourcing

Hello, was wondering if anyone had any sources they could share for sustainable, organic, or dead-stock fabric in NY or LA?

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What qty do you need? Fabscrap in Brooklyn is a good resource for personal projects or a small business.


Ragfinders in LA for deadstock


I’d also like to know this as well. Not dead stock per se but the other two, that are suitable for women’s casual apparel.

Here is a couple links:

The most sustainable option would be to utilize deadstock or scrap fabric because it reduces waste and doesn’t require the extensive resources it takes to produce new fabric.


the entire fashion district is overrun with stores selling deadstock. But for sustainable fabric, reach out to Kimberlee at Fox Fabrics. She’s their head of sustainability, and they’re the best textile sales reps in the city.

There’s also Mood Fabrics LA which is divine for high-end deadstock.

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this is so helpful thank you so so much!! :slight_smile:

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awesome!! thank you :slight_smile:

Better late than never! Look into Queen of Raw for deadstock fabric. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Queen of Raw sells dead stock from all over the world!

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