Bring Garments/Fabrics back to the USA

So my partner and I have been for a long time trying to bring back the garment and fabric industry to the USA. We are the primaries for Fashion Fabrics of America and we only promote companies and products and services that are USA based. If anyone has any leads for us to follow we would appreciate the leads. We are a full-service converter company and have a lot of people and company resources that we can bring to bear in getting USA based products to market. What we need are contacts in companies that are willing to step up and bring their products out of the Asian and Middle East markets.


I am the owner of a company here in the US. We are in the outdoor space and we have been working towards bring as much of our production as possible back to the states. It has been tough so far as it is hard to find the factories and fabric mills to work with. Also the minimums on US based fabric has been really high unless you choose from available. One of the biggest issues I have also had is finding quality technical synthetic fabrics domestically for obvious reasons but would be a huge opportunity for someone.


Hello. I went to Bravo Hotel and everything looks very impressive. So you’re looking for supplying your chain with bedding and curtains etc? What kind of minimums can you work with? We work with lots of suppliers which makes us very versatile and we try to get our customers matched with just the right supplier.

I’m at my home office because of Covid-19 and because of that I am available anytime. Feel free to call me (Bruce Stradling) at 218-488-6520. My Linkedin account is Bruce Stradling.

If you want you can also call my partner (Mitchell Peligri) at 646.740.1122. He is the fabric guru. I am the Design Director for Fashion Fabrics of America. You can also find him on Linkedin.

Thanks for the inquiry.


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Hey Bruce, Bravo Hotel is actually the name of our storefront. Go to if you want to see the brand.

WOW … Super looking gear. I hope we can work together.


IMPOSSIBLE. The dye and treating process is very bad for the environment. Glad that much of this business went overseas where they pollute the air and water to this day.

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I do agree that the pollution would be pretty bad, however there is a company that is using compressed CO2 to make dyes for fabrics.

Fingers crossed it becomes more standard across the industry.


I have worked in leather, poly, nylon and cottons. From Dollar General to Saks. No retailer will pay a nickel more for anything. There is a market for global conscious materials and products. That market is not large enough to sustain a large apparel company. oh…and One company has the patent to the CO2…they are not USA.


I would hope as the US ramps back up we do it smarter and with less impact on the environment. Pushing it to other parts of the world so they can suffer is a bad attitude. All people need protection from bad processing.

I’m a smaller niche-market manufacturer. ($2 ml annual sales) I’d LOVE to move some production back to the States (I used to manufacture in LA and San Diego, back in the day). The challenges I face are minimums are too high, quality is either too low or the prices are too high for the quality you get. I don’t expect miracles, but I still need to be edgy and competitive. Is this something you guys can handle? Also, what is your average turnaround time? From Asia we are at 7-9 mos from PO to warehouse.

Hi, thanks for the response. Our turnaround for existing fabrics can be as little as 4-5 weeks from PO to warehouse. The minimums for dyed fabric is usually based on the dye box capacity. We’re a full-service converter. We can do what ever you need. Right now we can move pretty fast because of a lot of companies are still having a hard time pulling back to USA manufactures but the virus will continue to keep supply chains messed up. The plants here have capabilities for now but I see that changing and then current customers will get priority for orders. Give me a call at 218-488-6520.

Bringing fabric back to the US would be great!!!

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I can’t help with this goal but I’m so supportive to bring back the U.S. fabric and garment industry! That’s great that you are working toward that!!