Rush and Company-Real or Fake

Can anyone tell me if Rush and Company is a legit recruiter? I constantly get emails from them saying, “We have your resume on file and wanted to share with you a search we are working on. Please let us know if this matches your background.” If they have my resume on file, and I know it’s current, can’t they read it and know if it matches?! And the only person that contacts me shows only 1 job on her LinkedIn profile. About a year ago she scheduled me for a phone interview, never called, I politely emailed her to see if she wanted to reschedule, and then she ghosted me. Just seems a bit unprofessional.

They are legit, I can confirm.

I have had the same experience. They have consistently sent me assistant or associate level positions when I have 20 years experience. I finally asked them why they keep sending me listings that aren’t a match for my profile. They asked for my updated resume and continued to send me the same level positions. I give up.


They may be legit but they are a waste of time.


add’s Jaral Agency and REK… like all the posts are in BOLD type, must send your resume in Word… who are you people!!!


I’m totally laughing out loud about Jaral and REK, particularly REK.


I’m so glad that REK and Jaral are being called out.

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