PV or similar fashion industry shows

Is anyone here going to Premiere Vision (PV) or has gone in the past?
I’m doing research for a personal project and would love some feedback.
Would also be an opportunity to network!
Please reply here or PM me to chat!


Sadly I was never able to attend when I worked in materials. My team had a limited travel budget so we had to divide and conquer. We mostly attended the Northwest and Northeast Materials Shows as the majority of brands under our parent company were mainstream mid-price point sportswear. (If I never have to see another book of spacer mesh it will be too soon…) We did try to get someone to PV at least once a year though as we had a couple of more fashion-forward brands. The pieces my coworkers brought back were incredible. But it’s definitely smaller production runs, higher end, luxury, fashion materials. I can see if any of my former coworkers are attending if you want to network. They’re truly experts when it comes to materials and wonderful people as well.

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I’ve been a few times in NYC, it’s very inspirational but often the prices are high.

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