POC Fashion Labels

Does anyone know of any POC owned Fashion Labels based in NYC besides HL, AW, PM, Cushnie?

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Brother Vellies, Telfar, Victor Glemaud, Christopher John Rogers, LaQuan Smith, Tracy Reese, Public School, Romeo Hunte…Mowalola is the new artistic director for Yeezy at GAP. I’ll post more here if I can think of anyone.


Thank you, definitely forgot about some of these.

-Art Meets Chaos
-Prps(either 2/3 or 1/2 black owners…started by the Harrell brothers who also started Akademiks and one brother is the owner of the 1st brand I mentioned)
-Aisling Camps
-Tome (1/2)
-Monse (1/2)
-Fe Noel
-Walker Wear
-Dapper Dan (in conjunction w/ Gucci)
-10 Deep
-Byron Lars
-Salone Monet
-Undra Celeste
I’m sure more but this is all I can think of now