DE&I Fashion Career Fair

I see this event happening, but how is nyc fashion companies really doing in this area? I still feel it’s inequitable, starting with salary.

This is our second DE&I-focused fashion career fair. I don’t know how the industry is doing as a whole but is definitely trying to help!

It has gone right back to the way it was pre-2020. A lot of the smaller fashion companies in NYC specifically have gone right back to their awful hiring practices and cult-like hiring. As a POC, I see it every day. At this point, I am looking to start my own business with better more equitable business practices. I applaud for what they are trying to do here but a lot of the work is and will be in the collective participation or non-participation if you get what I am saying. These career fairs are great and all but, I think it is up to the talent who are walking into these companies to say no when necessary.

In terms of salary, I have outwrite seen where my white counterpart with the same title, asked for 175K and the employer didn’t bat an eye and made her an offer while I asked for the same salary, and went through the negotiating process for 2 weeks. I will tell you I have more experience than my counterpart too.

Is it happening still? YES!