Ageism in Fashion Industry Employment

We are hosting a webinar on Ageism in Fashion Industry Employment on June 1st. It would be great to get a few real-world stories from the older members of the group on this issue and/or ways they have approached ageism in their job search.

Feel free to DM me OR post examples here.

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I am interested in attending. Please send me info
I am an older female member who is in the process of looking for a new position. In a number of situations I have been told I am perfect for the position and it comes doen to me and one other candidate. Each time, the other candidate gets the job offer. The other candidate is younger and often male.

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Older candidate here, 40+ and in a non-major city :frowning: So I have 2 big things against me in hiring… I have chosen to specialize in 3D technical design which can be done remotely. It seems to be working. I work full time remote to a company in LA and take side projects that are unique or interesting portfolio builders. This part pf the industry is so new, that a lot of companies engage me while they are still figuring out how to bring it into their workflow. So sometimes I am consulting on process and having to speak to different cross-functional partners in design, tech design, materials, merch, etc… but without all the years of traditional experience behind me- I wouldn’t feel so confident in these consultations and holding my ground with designers that are highly critical.


Hi Grandpoobah,
I’ll be working during the time of the forum so I won’t be able to make it. Just like when you’re trying to interview and people want you to come in during the middle of the day - very difficult. I am interested in what people are saying/thinking, will you be posting a recap?

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The replay will be posted on in a few days. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Much appreciated